Best actionable B2B digital marketing strategies for 2020

“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to customers.”

A business runs on two main pillars of innovation and marketing. There have been multiple theories and strategies for effective marketing across different time zones.

However, old strategies can not opt-in this new age generation of technology and the digital world. From door to door marketers to social media influencers, from paper marketing to online marketing; everything is changing and making a digital presence which will remain forever.

Therefore, it becomes necessary to look at a few B2B marketing strategies for a reality check and build further decisions for the business to run smoothly.

Plan Your Marketing Program For 2020

Research and discover before purchasing anything. The post-purchase experience and the loyalty loop is increasingly becoming a challenge which can be resolved with the right tactics.

Set your marketing objectives for 2020 -  

The modern B2B buyer journey can be depicted as below –

Build this framework to guide the B2B strategies via-

  • Seeing the largest qualified and addressable audience with no commercial intent
  • Thinking the audience with some commercial intent
  • Doing the audiences with huge commercial intent
  • Caring the current customers with 2 or more business transactions

Identify the problems, explore the solutions, build all the requirements, select the suppliers, validate and create consensus for better customer experience.

Any B2B marketing must accomplish demand generation, lead generation, retention and recovery through the buyer’s stage. Demand generation creates awareness and makes the consumers interested in the product or service.

Generating leads convert interest into action. Retention and recovery make one-time customers into regular customers.

For attaining best results, one must use these strategies:-

  • Great website
  • Video marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Pay per click marketing (PPC)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Event marketing
  • Remarketing
  • Affiliates and partnerships
  • Market automation (which includes email marketing)


When asked from B2B companies whether they outsource or do inbound sales marketing, 41% said they do in-bound sales marketing and 54% preferred outsourcing sales marketing. Also, 64% have a formal marketing plan and 36% still do not have a formal marketing plan to follow in 2020.

The most implemented marketing tactics include –

Create Resources Of Content
After planning the marketing strategy, you need to get down to some details of the resources you will use to foster sales marketing.

So, it is foremost important to give your website a complete look.

It must be fast (40% of the users will reject to look a webpage if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load),

secure (85% of the customers do not prefer unsecured sites, use HTTPs instead of HTTP by purchasing an SSL),

mobile-friendly (60% traffic comes from mobile devices, 80% B2B buyers use mobile devices, influences 40% revenue),

actionable (must state clear contact information, testimonials, awards, affiliations) and professionally designed (37% leave a website due to poor designing, 46% because of lack of message).

Strategies to follow for demand generation –

  • Display advertising – It is contextual marketing and takes advantage of cell phone theory.
  • Video advertising – Video mid-roll and pre-roll Youtube ads, How-to videos, branded videos and videos ads, blog videos, entertaining/ funny/ attention-grabbing videos etc. are the keys to distribute the marketing in diverse platforms and customers. And just for the stats, US consumers now watch up to 6 hours of video of digital video per day.
  • Content marketing - Blog posts, infographics, social media posts, e-books etc. enables to build understandable information via various channels. 62% of consumers say that they can make a purchase selection based solely on digital content.
  • Social media marketing and advertising – Blog posts, upcoming and previous webinars, did you know facts, industry news, case studies, white papers, industry research etc. help to create a proper content distribution plan.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)71% of commercial buyers begin their research with generic Google searches. It fits both in demand and lead generation. It optimizes your website to appear in top ranks if the content is SEO friendly.


Strategies for generating leads –

  • PPC search ads 75% of the audience say that paid search ads make it easier to find the information they need while searching online.
  • Remarketing – It increases conversion of targeted audience to regular customers.
  • Events – Event marketing is the new trending strategy followed by B2B businesses to gather more audience and to generate leads.
  • Testimonials, affiliates, partnerships 95% of consumers read online business reviews, and 85% trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So, switch to online testimonials and partnerships as well.
  • Content marketing – It is the next big investment for 2020. Many companies are investing in content marketing as it is cost-effective and has a huge impact on consumers.
  • SEO

Here is the list of top areas of marketing spending by businesses -

Strategies for recovery and customer retention –

  • Content marketing
  • Marketing automation – On average, B2B marketers see a 760% increase in revenue from customized, segmented marketing campaigns.

Plan Out The Items For Marketing Budget
It is the most vital aspect of marketing strategy to make an estimated budget for sales marketing. Use a good agency with KPI and technology to measure real-time success and optimize instantly.

Below is the percentage of budget allocated for marketing -

Unlike last year, this year most B2B business professionals foresee their budgets to remain the same (56%), while 41% says they would increase the budget allotment and rest 3% might decrease their budget allocation.

Implement New Tools Of Technology
There are a plethora of online and new technological opportunities to ace up marketing in 2020.

Here is the list of most used social media channels –

Marketers can also use personalized marketing strategies for 2020 –

  • Personalization – 47%
  • Account-based marketing – 42%
  • Video marketing – 41%
  • Inbound marketing – 39%
  • AI and automation – 36%
  • Conversational marketing (chatbots) – 33%
  • Influencer marketing – 27%
  • Podcast and live streaming – 22%
  • Programmatic advertising – 19%
  • Mobile-first strategy  - 17%
  • Other – 6%

Also, you cannot afford to ignore these as well –

  1. Account-based marketing – It helps to generate more revenue, greater brand awareness and make more money from each deal with closer alignment between sales and marketing.
  2. Conversational selling and live chats92% of the consumers say that they are satisfied with the live chat experience. It can convert 2.8times the targeted audience to regular customers who are likely to spend 60% more on their purchases.
  3. Word of mouth – It can never get old or rotten. Word of mouth is the evergreen marketing strategy. It ensures your confidence in the product and service and one of the key tool to influence buyers.
  4. High-value long-form content – The effective content marketing delivers 3 times better results and cots 62% less. It is definitely the next big thing for marketing in 2020.
  5. Email marketing – It gives 14.3% higher open rates, 10.6% unique opens, 101% more clicks, 4.7% lower bounce rate, 3.9% lower occurrence of an abuse report, 9.4% lower unsubscribe rates.
  6. Building authority and through thought leadership
  7. Guest posting, speaking and influencer marketing for a better ROI.
  8. Employee activation – It increases the click rate by 2.1 times. Use the amplifying power of the employees to foster marketing.
  9. Marketing automation – 45% of the current performance paid employees can be automated while 60% of every occupation can automate one-third of their activities.
  10.  Paid media – Google ads (8% increase in click-through rates), Facebook ads, LinkedIn etc. are the new age front runners of marketing strategies.
  11.   Event marketing – One-day seminars, conferences, product training sessions, business or channel partner events, thought-leadership workshops or VIP meals can be the best-suited occasions for event marketing.

Consult An Expert
Consult an agency to help you identify the target audience and their behavioural characteristics, weak points to evaluate, set achievable goals, match goals with B2B marketing strategies etc. So, track, test, tweak and repeat your performance for better growth results.

Some Last Words

Good marketing makes the company looks smart, great marketing makes the customers look smart!”

Therefore, plan according to your customer base, your business area and use the latest technology to help elevate your marketing as well as business goals.